Money Troubles All Around Us In 2023

From Debt Consolidation Edmonton – Money appears to be everywhere, coloring motives, enabling commerce and filling wishes and fantasies. Everywhere you look people appear to be experiencing more money issues.

Beginning in childhood, my life was a continuous of money worries… until I discovered that money was only energy, not the paper as well as coins that a lot of covet.

Energy is cash. Since energy can’t be destroyed nor produced, and there is a limitless source of energy globally (all everything is made of energy), it follows that money is an illusion. How you perceive things creates an illusion, see more on this from Debt Consolidation Canada


One of my all – time favorite movies is The Matrix. The subtitle of this section doesn’t refer to this.

This is actually the matrix Max Plancke mentioned in this quotation :

All matter originates and is present only by virtue of a force that takes the particle of an atom to vibration and holds it many minute solar system of an atom together. We should assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. All matter is based on this mind as its matrix.

This tells me is that all things happen to be the expressions of one thing.

Since that one thing isn’t material but only a common area of consciousness (the matrix) and the atom is the basic component of all things, and because the atom is backed by one universal consciousness, nothing is as it seems to the eye or in our brains.

The power to figure out exactly how and what we think about, experience and interpret as true is channeled through our mind. Precisely the same power which sustains all things seen and unseen – dimensions, galaxies, laws, and all elements – is the same power which drives our learning, development, and reality and it is guided by our choices, that are according to our beliefs.

Universal consciousness, bursting with limitless possibilities, expresses itself uniquely in you, through you and as you by our beliefs.

Your performance will react accordingly if you think you can, or you can’t. You’ll interpret and perceive things differently if you believe in both forces of good and evil. Your experiences will vary based on whether you think life is dangerous or magical and joyful.

This is the matrix. And the matrix doesn’t exist and operate independent of you. You’re in the matrix, of the matrix, and the matrix expresses as you.

What Is the Matrix to Do With Money?

Anything. Money is really an idea first of all. Money isn’t the paper or coins in your wallet. Energy is cash. The paper and coins only symbolize money. They’re not money.

I’ll prove this in more or less 10 seconds.

Money has found expression in numerous ways. Check out this very short list of items which have been used as representations of money: