Month: September 2022

Has The Pandemic Left You Feeling Lonely Or Isolated

Do you feel as in case you have outgrown the circle of yours of friends? Maybe you don’t feel secure or understood any more. There might be much less and fewer things you are able to show individuals in the habitual circle of yours, which leaves you feeling lonely or even isolated. In that case, you’re not the only one. Welcome to just one of the core characteristics of constant growth!

As we carry on and evolve, most people struggle with a feeling of more or less not fitting in with the traditional community of ours or maybe tribe: we might have widened or even transformed beyond the borders of tribal norms, moreover don’t find exactly the same feeling of belonging there. Some other users might have tightened the tribal rules to foster a feeling of security. As an outcome, we could feel a sense of alienation or consolidation.…